Planetary Annihilation Systems

Here is a 2-6 play system consisting 3 planets, 3 gas giants, 2 metal planet and 6 moons. Download the files by clicking on this link dainger_system Unzip the file (You do this at your own risk, please scan for viruses before unzipping the file) Launch the game and go to System Designer. Click Import […]

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Microsoft Patching Woes

Microsoft have released several patches which could liven up your work environment. See the following links for details and see if this could affect you:

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Supreme Commander Resources

This post contains any maps that I have created for the Supreme Commander Series of games. I have uploaded the maps in a .zip format for you to download. Installation instructions are in the .zip files also. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Unoffical Map Editor Click Here Break Out (v3)¬†– 5 Player Map Click Here This […]

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Find out who is using your XenApp Published Applications

Here is a quick bit of PowerShell code to list out users logged into a specific application of your choice. This works with XenApp 6.0, but would also work with newer versions¬†: Add-PSSnapin citrix* Get-XASession -BrowserName ‘Application Name’ | Select AccountName, ServerName This will list out Active and Disconnected sessions Alternatively, here is a piece […]

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Book Review: Getting Started with Citrix CloudPortal

I was given the chance to review a book by a member on LinkedIn about Citrix Cloud Computing and a couple of the products that the have created to put this in place. Click here for a link to the book: Getting Started with Citrix CloudPortal About the book The book is well written so […]

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XenApp WMI entries no longer reporting in monitoring software

We found that Solawinds was reporting that some WMI monitoring was not working correctly on out XenApp 6.0 Windows 2008 R2 SP1 servers. We used some WMI tools to check to see if the WMI entries existed or if there were permission issues. On investigation it was found that the entries did not exist. After […]

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Boat Fishing Trip on FishTickler III

I went out with other members from the KSFF forum on the FishTickler III out of Ramsgate. We were heading for a morning of Plaice drift fishing and then wrecking on the way home. We had nice hot bacon rolls on the way out to the first spot. We arrived at our picked location and […]

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FishTickler III Trip on 01/06/2013

I headed out on a boat trip with the forum from Ramsgate on FishTickler III in search of Plaice and a few wrecks. We headed for the Plaice first and once we arrived we started drifting. We had a small wager on the first fish caught and the biggest of the day to make things […]

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2012 Fishing Round Up

This year I aimed to catch 17 different sea dwelling species. This could have been from any form of rod fishing (fly, bait, spinning, plugging etc). My other targets was and edible size Bass, increase 4 of my records from the previous year and catch a total of 17 or more species. I managed to […]

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Folkstone, Rotunda Beach 13/04/2013

I headed to the beach, parked up and walked about 60 yards to my spot. Never fished Folkestone before so was interested to see what I could get. I fished from about 10:30 to 14:30 and the weather was lovely until about 13:00 and then the rain started. I managed a new species for the […]

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