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How to tie – The Grinner Knot

Here is a quick video on tying a Grinner Knot. This is useful for keeping the worms on hooks with the little tag left once tied Here it is: Knot by videofishingknots

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All Feathers and Hair

This fly is made up as follows: Hook: 6/0 Partridge AD Swier Pike Fly Black Nickel Hooks Body: Schlappen (Green), Cock Feathers (Grizzled), Krystal Flash (Pearl) Head: Bucktail (Orange, Red) Eyes: Heavy Bead Chain from Homebase Tie on 4 Schallen Feathers at North, South, East and West of the hook with the curve facing outward. […]

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Ostrich Feather Creation

Hook: 4/0 Diiachi Style 3847 Body: DNA Holofusion (Blue, Pink and Green), Ostrich hurls (Green and Red) Neck: Red Marabou Eyes: N/A Notes:  Tied some Ostrich hurls at the back of the hook, then some DNA Holofusion (Pink), more hurls, more DNA Holofusion (Green), more hurls, more Holofusion (Blue) and finally more hurls. Then having secured all […]

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