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Tasty Bread Dough

This recipe makes: 3 Pizza bases or 8 Flat breads or 12 pittas or umptine bread sticks or Rolls or Bread Ingredients: 250g Plain White Flour 250g Strong White Flour 1 1/2 level tsp of fine Sea Salt 1 tsp Easy Blend Instant Dried Yeast 1 tbsp Olive Oil Method: Put both flours into a […]

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Pancake Mix – makes 8-10

100g plain flour/self raising flour 1 egg 1 big pinch of salt 250ml milk 1 tbl spoon of melted butter Melt butter Sift flour and salt into bowl Add egg and 1/2 milk to bowl and whisk Add rest of milk and whisk it all in Cook Can be frozen Store in fridge

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