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A Tough Day in Dover

Well, Paul and myself headed to Dover to fish the arm inside of the harbour. We knew it would be a tough day with ultra clear water and bright light. We got the bait from Brazil’s and picked our spot and set up. Two rods out with lug/ragworm/black lug in varying combinations. And one rod […]

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Samphire Hoe – 03/07/2012

I set off from home at 6AM, got to Brazil’s to get my bait at 6:25 and was in the car park at Samphire at 6:45. Once I was all set up and cast out it was 7:15. I was using common lug, black lug and ragworm for my baits. On the first cast I […]

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Selsey Success

Having headed to Selsey for about 7:30 to see high tide in at 9:45, I set up and cast out. I was using combinations of rag, crab and squid and nothing was seeming to want to bite. Eventually at 11:45 I was getting what looked like my lead had lost grip again, so I wound […]

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