A Tough Day in Dover

Well, Paul and myself headed to Dover to fish the arm inside of the harbour. We knew it would be a tough day with ultra clear water and bright light. We got the bait from Brazil’s and picked our spot and set up. Two rods out with lug/ragworm/black lug in varying combinations. And one rod out with a whole mackerel in case a hungry bass just happened by. That was at all at about 11AM, then nothing until around 3PM when I was fishing a float rig with feathers underneath. After not paying much attention I was looking for the float and couldn’t see it… I reeled in and found a mackerel making a futile dash for its life. Lets just say it tasted great with the pasta in the evening…

We had tried everything we could thinking of and nothing was still coming up. t was time to fish the wall for the mini species and anything that may have been there. Well there was, after dropping the first baits down the wall the bites came meer seconds later and over the next hour I had the a Tompot, Ballan Wrasse, Corkwing Wrasse and what I believe is a Shanny. That means I have reached my 17 species with 4 months still to go. Paul pulled up a Shanny, Pollock and Starfish.

We packed up at around 6:16PM and headed home to eat the mackerel and we felt we had a nice day although it being light on the fish, but not the species.

Here are the stars of the day:

Ballan Wrasse:


Corkwing Wrasse:

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