Fishing Records

These are my current records for fish I have caught:

Freshwater Records
Pike – 3lb 8oz (caught on fly)
Mirror Carp – 8lb 12oz (caught on fly)
Perch – 2oz (caught on fly)
Tench – 2lb (caught on fly)
Common Carp – 12lb 8oz (caught on fly)
Game Records
Rainbow Trout – 4lb 4oz (caught on fly)
Brown Trout – 8lb 2oz (caught on fly)
Blue Trout – 2lb 4oz (caught on fly)
Sea Records
Bass – 1.2lb (caught on black lug)
Shad – 1lb (caught on fly)
Eel – 8oz (caught on ragworm)
Ballan Wrasse – 13oz (caught on ragworm)
Flounder – 3oz(caught on ragworm)
Plaice – 1lb 15oz(caught on ragworm)
Red Mullet – 3oz(caught on lugworm)
Black Bream – 5oz(caught on Ragworm)
5-Bearded Rockling – 2oz(caught on Black Lug)
Sea Scorpion (Long Spined) – 2.5oz(caught on Black Lug)
Tompot Blenny 3oz (caught on Ragworm)
Corkwing Wrasse 5oz (caught on Ragworm)
Mackerel – 12oz (caught on feathers)
Herring – 3oz (caught on feathers)
Pollock 5oz (caught on feathers)
Tub Gurnard – 10oz (caught on ragworm)
Coalfish – 32cm (caught on Hokai)

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