All Feathers and Hair

This fly is made up as follows:
Hook: 6/0 Partridge AD Swier Pike Fly Black Nickel Hooks
Body: Schlappen (Green), Cock Feathers (Grizzled), Krystal Flash (Pearl)
Head: Bucktail (Orange, Red)
Eyes: Heavy Bead Chain from Homebase

  1. Tie on 4 Schallen Feathers at North, South, East and West of the hook with the curve facing outward. This is done above the point of the hook.
  2. Tie in 5 Cock feathers, also with the curve going outwards. This is done in front of the Schlappen feathers.
  3. Tie in Red Bucktail facing backwards towards the feathers and tie off. The repeat with Orange.
  4. After that is tied off. Tie in the weighted eyes and use varnish to solidify the thread and the end of the fly.
Notes: This fly has not been tested yet and I will add notes when it has.

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