Lakeside, Chichester

As I have a 24 hour ticket for this site, day 1 is part A and day 2 is part B of this session

Part A
I fished in several of the lakes with varying flies and saw no action at all. Having spoken to the other fishermen there, they were also missing the vital purpose of being there… Fish!!

I was mainly letting the fly sink for up to a minute before pulling it in at all sorts of speeds and styles. I had a few tweeks on the line, but I think these were more likely underwater obsticles, not bites.

I will be heading back in the morning to see what I can do before 14:15, when my ticket runs out. Fingers crossed.

Part B
I headed back to the lakes around 9:30 to find that they had all frozen over. I was literally limited to one lake and of that there was only 4 swims i could actually cast in. I stayed for 2 hours with nothing taking a look at the fly. I did get to try out some of my creations and all in all they worked quite well in the water. But obviously not attractive enough to get the pike moving.

Well hopefully my next trip will be more successful…

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