Lakeside, Chichester – Write-Up

I decided that I would get to the lakes today. The last time I went to have a look they were completely frozen over. I phoned them up to see if they were open all year and the answer was yes. I was told to head to reception to buy a permit. The cost is £10 for 24 hours or £250 a year for membership, obviously I got a day ticket. I was also told that I must have a landing net and unhooking mat with me, and then told that if the bailiff came round and I didnt have one, I could be kicked off site. On that note I popped to my local tackle dealer and got a unhooking mat and also a 36″ landing net. At that point I headed to reception to get my permit.

I was given a leaflet explaining which lakes I could/couldn’t fish in and also what was in them and the maximum sizes. It turns out you can only target Pike between 1st October to 28th February.

Walking around the lakes was a blast from the past as I used to fish there 18 years ago. The site is more natural than it used to be in that it is over grown and the swims are now smaller. Casting is limited in many areas around the lakes due to branches and limited space behind for casting. But there are still plenty of areas to get to.

I fished in 3 of the lakes trying out some of the flies I have tied. Some cast easier than others, and some, which were uncastable on the local Canal, the heavier ones, where now quite easy to cast with some room..

Here is the info from the leaflet I got (that relates to fly fishing for Pike and Perch):
This site has 13 lakes.

Ivy Lake
Pike to 36lb
Perch to 3.5lb

Leythorne Lake
Perch 2lb upward

Vinnetrow Lake
Perch 2lb upwards
Pike to 30lb

Runcton Lake
Pike to 28lb
Perch to 3lb

Nunnery Lake
Perch to 2.5lb

Copse Lake
Perch to 3lb
Pike to 18lb

Triangle Lake
Pike to 22lb

West Lake
Pike to 35lb

East Lake
Perch in all sizes

There are some other lakes, but nothing is mentioned about these so I can’t comment on the contents yet

Fishing is Restrictions
Ivy Lake between March to October, mainly for the water skiing they have on the lake.
No fishing in the natural lake.

Fishery Rules
Must have a landing net
Must have an unhooking mat
All fish to be returned to the water alive

I found it quite difficult to get to some areas on the lakes due to the net getting tangled in everything. But other than that its as good as I remember it. The weather has been very cold so this may hinder the catching of Pike and Perch a little, but they are in there somewhere!!!

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