Ostrich Feather Creation

Hook: 4/0 Diiachi Style 3847

Body: DNA Holofusion (Blue, Pink and Green), Ostrich hurls (Green and Red)
Neck: Red Marabou
Eyes: N/A
Notes:  Tied some Ostrich hurls at the back of the hook, then some DNA Holofusion (Pink), more hurls, more DNA Holofusion (Green), more hurls, more Holofusion (Blue) and finally more hurls. Then having secured all of that with varnish as I went through each material.I Palmered a red marabou feather and secures that off behind the eyes.
The last task is to flatten the barb with pliers before using it.
I have no idea if it will work, but it should look good in the water. The hook may be the issue, but we will see

Result: The fly didnt cast too well with the eyes on, nor did it look very fluid in the water. The eyes were snapped off and casting became very easy and the fly now sinks quite quickly and looks to have a tonne more movement. Also as a note, use less Holofusion as it can cause tangles on itself.

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