Hollow Style Fly

This was something I copied form another site, can’t remember which and this is how it turned out. It does cast very well, doesn’t hold any water and looks awesome in the water.

Hook: 4/0 Diiachi Style 3847
Body: Bucktail (Black, Red and White), Icelandic Sheep (Red), Krystal Flash (Pearl)
Head: Icelandic Sheep (Red)
Eyes: Holodome 1/4″ eyes

Notes: Tie a pencil thickness of black bucktail facing foward on the hook from the normal place you would tie back from, spin it around the hook to make it evenly spread. Then add the same amount in red. Pack it together. Then tie the same amount in white facing back, so that the white is pressed against the black and red. From the front it should look a little like a starfish.

Tie in and spread evenly around the hook some Krystal Flash, Pearl, but very little (maybe 8-10 strands). Once that is in place, tie and spread evenly, icelandic sheep facing back. Not much is required for this as it spread and flows beatifully in the water.

For the head tie in and spread some more Icelandic sheep and repeat up to 3 times. Once complete pack it and then trim to make a head shape. Tie off at the font and glue to hold the thread.

Put some glue on the back of the eyes and put then in pace on the head.

Result: When it is in the water it create the shape of a full fish about 2″ diameter and flows very very well. Very easy and light to cast.

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