Deer Hair Baitfish

This one is made from Bucktail and Deer hair twisted around the hook.

Hook: 2/0 Turrell Saltwater Streamer
Tail: Bucktail (Olive, Flu Green)
Body: Deer hair (Red, Black, White)
Eyes: 3D Holo Eyes from Rich
Notes: Grab a pencil size of Color one bucktail and tie at the base of the hook above the barb. Then add some of color two. Tie it off and then glue to secure.
Then take some Deer hair, color one, hold at a 45 degree angle to the hook shaft, put 3 loose loops around and pull tight slowly and the hair will frizz out. Pack it up and repeat again in what ever color patter you like. You can make stripes this way, or repeat all in the same colour. Tie off at the front and glue. Then take some siccors and trim the excess away. This gives you  a better body shape.
It will be easy to cast and quite light and should like ok in the water.
Below is another variation. All of this was tied with bucktail which has different properties to that of Deer hair:

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