Boat Fishing Trip on FishTickler III

I went out with other members from the KSFF forum on the FishTickler III out of Ramsgate. We were heading for a morning of Plaice drift fishing and then wrecking on the way home. We had nice hot bacon rolls on the way out to the first spot.

We arrived at our picked location and the 7 of us dropped our lines. and we drifted around and during our time a several areas in the same location we pulled up quite a few species. These were:


This was my first Mackerel for the year and so was now at 11 species. We then started to head back in as the fog had come in and the wind picked up. We stopped at our first wreck and drifted over and nothing was pulled up. We went back and drifted again and I had a tug on the line. I pulled up the lures and attached was a Coalfish, my first ever, so species 12 of the year.


After that we did a couple more drifts before it was decided it was getting way to lumpy out there. We had some chilli on the way to our next location which was fully appreciated.

We headed to anchor off of Sandwich Bay in the calmer water in about 20 feet of water to see what else would come up. A few more dogfish came up during our time there.

We headed back in to Ramsgate o end a great day out.

Until the next time

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