Book Review: Getting Started with Citrix CloudPortal

I was given the chance to review a book by a member on LinkedIn about Citrix Cloud Computing and a couple of the products that the have created to put this in place.

Click here for a link to the book: Getting Started with Citrix CloudPortal

About the book
The book is well written so that it is easy to read and therefore concentrate on the content. The book is laid out in an logical chapters surrounding the products and their features. The book looks at implementing Citrix Cloud Services Manager and Citrix Cloud Business Manager.

During the chapters the topics of installation prerequisites, installation, configuring and deployment are covered. Billing and reporting follow along once install along with management of the systems.

The book provides diagrams, where required, to graphically represent the text in an easy to understand format.

Overall Thoughts
I would recommend the book as a good starting point to the subject of Cloud Computing and as an installation guide for the two products. I would suggest this book is suitable for system admins and managers with some knowledge of the subject working in IT. The book comes in both paper and eBook formats which makes it very portable.

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