Folkstone, Rotunda Beach 13/04/2013

I headed to the beach, parked up and walked about 60 yards to my spot. Never fished Folkestone before so was interested to see what I could get.

I fished from about 10:30 to 14:30 and the weather was lovely until about 13:00 and then the rain started.

I managed a new species for the year so that was good, Pout:


I was also getting weird bites all day that didn’t look like crabs and never produced anything until I struck and wound very fast in with a great bend in the rod and a lot of drag in the water. Here is what I caught:


He was a bit small to take home to I sent him back to the depths

I lost about 4-5 rigs and weights due to snags so I may use bolts next time, but it was nice fishing

Until the next time

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