3RD “KSFF” Meet. POW Pier Dover. 30/03/2013

Well, I got down to the car park at dover for around nine and unpacked. On exiting the car park I chatted to another fisherman heading to the pier which turned out to be Selachian for KSFF. We headed down the pier, picked or spot around the red box and then went and located Snagger and co. who were at the café end of the pier.

We set up and the wind was blowing well and the snow was like big salt grains stinging the eye balls. First up not longer after the start was a whiting for Selachian, then one for me. Next a decent size flounder for Selachian, then a dab for me, then a flounder for me.


A few dabs here and pouting there was the flow for the rest of the day, al be it slowly. My fishing died off not long after a very quiet high tide. Selachian kept with the dabs and totalled 10 fish and me 5.

We were expecting a few more of the Kent forum to turn up but if the competition had gone ahead with tight liners, we think KSFF would have won the day.  Here is a lovely picture of the sky.


Nice to meet you Selachian, even if I got the handle wrong

Until the next time…

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