2012 Fishing Round Up

This year I aimed to catch 17 different sea dwelling species. This could have been from any form of rod fishing (fly, bait, spinning, plugging etc).

My other targets was and edible size Bass, increase 4 of my records from the previous year and catch a total of 17 or more species.

I managed to catch a bass big enough for the plate, Increased 2 of my species previous personal records. I also caught exactly 17 species this year. I caught a bundle of new species for me too. The list is below:

1. 5-Bearded Rockling (Hythe 11/02/2012) *New Species
2. Dab (Hythe 11/02/2012)
3. Whiting (Hythe 11/02/2012)
4. Long Spined Sea Scorpion (Shoreham Harbour Wall 26/02/2012) *New Species
5. Lesser Spotted Dogfish (Hythe 09/03/2012)
6. Herring (Samphire Hoe 12/05/2012) *New Species
7. Mackerel (Samphire Hoe 12/05/2012)
8. Pollock (Samphire Hoe 12/05/2012) *New Species
9. Pout (Samphire Hoe 12/05/2012)
10. Bass (Seasalter 14/05/2012)
11. Eel (Hythe 23/06/2012)
12. Corkwing Wrasse (Samphire Hoe 03/07/2012) *New Species
13. Ballan Wrasse (Samphire Hoe 03/07/2012)
14. Tompot Blenny (Samphire Hoe 03/07/2012) *New Species
15. Plaice (Samphire Hoe 21/07/2012)
16. Flounder (Deal 29/07/2012)
17. Shanny (Dover POW 19/08/2012) *New Species

Increased Records:
1. Bass now 1.2lb and 38CM long
2. Ballan Wrasse up from 8oz to 13oz

All in all it was a good year for my fishing, many fish caught but not many big enough for the plate. Hopefully that will pick up for 2013

So lets see how I do, hopefully good enough to crank up the challenge for next year

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