Supreme Commander Resources

This post contains any maps that I have created for the Supreme Commander Series of games. I have uploaded the maps in a .zip format for you to download. Installation instructions are in the .zip files also.

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
Unoffical Map Editor Click Here

Break Out (v3) – 5 Player Map Click Here
This is a 5 player map where everyone starts in the middle with in killing distance. There are minimal resources in the middle, but by following the path out there are more energy and mass points along the path and around the edge. There is also many resources in the bases to help deal with the erquirements of kicking the a** of your opponents.
Est. Playing time:3-5 hours More to come soon…

Trivial Pursuit (v1) – 8 Player Map Click Here
Download the file, remove the ‘.doc’ from the end of the file and copy it to the usual place. The ‘.doc’ is there as I am now no longer able to upload .zip files to Word Press.

If you play the maps, please feel free to point out issues or give me your thoughts as to changes that might be good for the map. The maps are only designed with real players in mind and so if you play AI games, the other commanders may not do what they would normally do. Happy strategizing!!

Warning: Please scan the files for infected files as I am not responsible for any issues arising from the downloading of the content. You download at your own risk.

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