Easter and the POW

I headed off to the Prince of Wales Pier at Dover with Mr Easter. We turned up and got a spot and set everything up. After getting Pauls’ rod set up he was ready to cast and he did. Not the most graceful but it looked promising. I set up the other rods and also cast out. It went from a grey over cast looking day to a nice bright blue sky and warmed right up.

At some point through the morning I started to reel in my line and when it felt about a meter or so off the ground it got hit by something and it was hooked… I told Paul to get the drop net as it fought like a trooper!! Only to find out it was a Mackerel of about a foot in length. So I pulled that up over the side and introduced it to the priest and sent him into a permanent slumber.

Later on the tide came in sweeping everything in its path to the left. Again I decided to reel in and to my surprise there was another mackerel on the line. He was despatched in the same manner.

During the day we had the begging tactics from the harbours seal, which was cute and massive and gracefully swam between lines.

Next I had a 4″ whiting which went straight back. Then another a bit later on and finally a third Mackerel which nailed the bait with intent. That meant we had enough fresh fish for dinner.

Paul unfortunately didn’t catch anything, but there is always next time. We headed home after a nice day out

Here is the guest of the day:

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