Shoreham Widewater KSF Meet

Five headed to Widewater in Shoreham to fish the beach, some trying for the Golden Grey Mullet. We turned up and it was raining farly heavily and the added wind made it less pleasant. There were rafts of weed crossing the swims between the stone groins. These proved to be the end of the fishing here after about an hour, of that picking weed off of the lines.

We headed to the western arm of Shoreham harbour and paid the £3 entry and the extra pounds per rod and spread along the arm. It was a great shelter from the sea and weed and the sun even came out…

During the day lots of species were caught. I manged to catch my first ever Red Mullet. It wasn’t big but water a lovely shade of red. Here is the little fella:

Not too long after I caught its friend:

A short while after came my first Bream. This was new species number 2 for the day. There was some thought it was a Red Bream, but after looking at a picture of one it looks more like a black one with a reddish back:

Lastly came the third new species for the day, taking me to 9 in my overall hunt, a Plaice:

None of the fish were big enough to keep but it was still a great day out.

Other fish caught during the day were Golden Grey Mullet, Thin Lipped Mullet, Shanny and Mackerel and Dab

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