First/Second Session at Seasalter

The night before the session I popped down to get a few pictures of the area I was fishing to check for features and snags. Here they are:

The next day i rocked up at about 11:15 a high tide of 2PM.

I managed to get some huge worms from Ron Edwards in Herne bay.

I was setting up when SpratDab from the Kent forum appeared and introduced himself. He joined in the next breakwater and both pulled in a tiny 2.5″ bass.

During the rest fo the 4 hours I had another 4 bass to around 5″ or so. Then the water was about 6 inches deep and so i packed up.

I had only used 1/2 the worms so I headed back on Sunday with Natascha in tow and there was very little action. Eventually Natascha headed off and with in minutes I got my first bite. Then that was followed by two 6″ bass about 15 minutes apart.

It is a nice beach to fish and under the right conditions I am assured can be quite busy with bigger fish. I didn’t get a chance for a flounder or see any Mullet this time, but there is always next time.

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