June 28th at West Parade Hythe

I got there at about 5:30 and the water was very low, butt chucked a line out anyway and feathered for mackeral as well. There were 5 groups fishing by high tide. About 20 minutes after high tide I caught my first of the night.  He went back after a few pics, the first crab of this type i have ever caught so thats cool.

After that i switched to using a wishbone rig on my spinning rod and caught the first whiting of the night of about 6 inches.  I chucked out a 3 hook flapper with blow lug and only caught fish on the loest hook, so I loosened the line to get all hooks down to the sea bed. After that I was catching 2-3 at a time on most casts. I caught 20 in the end.

Also, during that evening a dogfish took the bottom hook which gave a good thump on the rod tip just as light was disappearing.

For my last cast I used a whiting that had swallowed the hook deep and I couldn’t get it out easily. It died by the time it was removed. I sent that out on a pulley pennel about 80 yards but it came in with no bigger fish attached came in with it unfortunately, only a chewed out belly.

I have been here 4 times now and caught dogs and whiting each time and the whitting count goes up each time.

May be next time I will catch something to keep

Catch count: 20 Whiting and 1 Dogfish and a Spider Crab

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