Pattenden, First Double Figure Fish

I headed to Pattenden even though there was pretty high winds. I thought there should be enough cover to fish and I was right. The only thing was there was nit much action on the surface. I tried to get the fish to an area but only one turned up just after I arrived. I managed to cast near the carp but it didn’t properly take the fly and then swam away again.

After a while I left the carp for some Perch. I put on a tinselled gold headed nymph. I started casting. I sat on the bank and carried on casting out. I then cast along the margins and first cast there I hit into something big. It surfaced and was a big common carp appeared. It took about 8 minutes to land, which was fun. I had to unzipped my unhooking mat, get my sling ready and land the fish all at the same time. I managed the land the carp and the hook came out in the net shush was great. I got a few pictures and then weighed it. It was definitely the biggest I had caught. It weighed in at 13lb with the sling which is 1/2lb, so it was 12lb 8oz!!! So this was my first double figure fish ever, how cool was I feeling ;).

After weighing it was returned very quickly and carefully.

Common Carp with a slight gammy fin

The rest of the evening was spent trying to catch Perch, but I didn’t get another nick all night.

I headed off head held high.

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