Owls Castle Farm

I headed to Owls Castle Farm on Wednesday 7th July for a spot of Carping on the fly with dog biscuits.

I arrived and parked up and chatted to the grounds man and a couple fishing in the bottom lake. They said there were plenty offish moving so i headed back quickly to set up my rod. I picked my spot on the bank and set out my net and unhooking mat. I threw in the biscuits and the carp came straight for them. I put in a fly and they would quite take it far enough down to hook them. So in goes a few more biscuits and at 16:20, BANG, into my first carp on the fly!!!

It took about 5-6 minutes to get it to calm down and get it into my net. It was a beautiful Mirror Carp of 6lb 8oz.

Mirror Carp
Five minutes later, into my next, a lovely 4lb 8oz Common Carp
Common Carp
Then 5 minutes again, a smaller 1lb 9oz Common Carp. This was return quickly as it fought very hard and looked very tired at the end of the fight. So no picture here of that one.
Although the water was very busy the cap didn’t bite so readily for a while. At about 18:20 I was into my next fish, another lovely Common Carp of 3lb 8oz.
Common Carp
After this I lost several flies due to either very large fish running too quickly or fish running behind a large obstacle in the lake and the line fraying and snapping.
I left at about 20:00 so as not to ruin a great day there. The couple drew 19 fish all at about the same time.
What a lovely venue…

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