Zander at Grafham Resevoir

Myself and Tony headed to Grafham Resevoir at about 05:30 and arrived at about 7:30-8 and met up with Guy Eldridge and Son. We had a quick breakfast and then set about getting boat tickets and getting out on the water.

We paired up, me with Tony and, Guy and son. We headed out to the old fountain to see if we could start well there.
The Good Ship Eldridge

Once we arrived we anchored up. Not loang after we got there Guy hooked into number one and pulled up a great start at about 8lb. Soon followed by another of about the same size.

We then headed overto a shallow corner to see if we could tempt a few there. I had a follow from a good sized fish there but I ran out of line and room to moved and it disappeared into the murkyness again.

In the afternoon we headed to the other end of the resevoir.

The other end of the resevoir
We ended up moving a few more times, but only Guy and son managed to bag a few more Zander, the biggest 11lb when weighed.
At the end of the day we headed home knackered and both still wanting to catch a Zander.
Tony navigating the resevoir

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