Owls Castle Farm

I headed out to Lamberhurst to have another crack at the surface feeding carp in the bottom lake. I arrived and the space I wanted was free. I started to fish at 10AM on the dot and didn’t have to wait long for the first fish. I hooked into a slightly sluggish 3lb Mirror at 10:10 which was returned to the water with picture due to it going metal too much on the unhooking mat.

With the encouragement of dog biscuits I hooked into a bigger fish at 10:33, which when landed was a burly 6lb mirror.

Another 23 minutes later I was into my 3rd of the day, a very pretty 1.5lb mirror.
21 minutes later I was into another bigger fish, which when landed was a 6lb Mirror
Another 21 minutes later at 11:29 I was into another biggish fish which weighed in at 5 3/4lb
Things then quietened down during the midday sun. They were still cruising but not interested in very much. Then at 12:34 the next one hopped onto my hook. This was a 2lb Mirror.
Then another 50 minutes later another one hooked up and was a small but sturdy 1.5lb Mirror.
12 minutes later the best fight of the day hooked up. This one was literally stripping line from the reel in great quantities and I couldn’t see how big it was. After about 5 minutes of it running left and right I got it to the net only to find that it literally weighed 1lb!!! Awesome fight, and definitely fought harder than all the rest that day.
The little Champ…
Another twenty minutes passed to see another 1lb carp come in, but this was the first Common of the day, just when I was wondering if there were any playing ball today…
Common Acrobatics…
I only had to weight 8 more minutes for the biggest of the day. It was a lovely conditioned 8lb Common. Not a bad scrap but was put back into the water after being very lively on the mat. This was only to save distress, but meant no pics was happening here.
This was a 3lb common.
Then a last mirror which was returned quickly so as not to get my gear wet again.
This one weighed in at 3lb.
I then headed home to repair the sunburn I had got from wearing no protection all day – How Stupid was that???!
All in all thought a good day, 12 fish caught in lovely surroundings and weighing in just under 40lb, I think that’s a pretty good haul for a day.

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