Motney Hill

>After heading out over the bank holiday weekend to a place called Motney Hill, near Chatham, and being blown all over the place, and not in a good way, I didn’t manage to do any fishing. This was mostly due to 20+ mph head winds.
I did mange to scout 2 areas pointed out to me by Tony from the Pike fraternity. I headed over to Motney Hill car park and literally 10 meters from the parking is the water. There is a man made arm of earth covered rock that stretched out into the sea and this creates a bay. This mostly made of mud and small areas of weed.

The other being a massive concreted area that looks like an old jetty for unloading ships no in disuse. Having been battered by the elements for long enough I headed home.

I headed back out today for another look with winds of up to 10mph which was a lot nicer. I only fished on the arm today to give that a decent crack. I was fishing about 1 hour after high tide until about 2 ½ hours after. I started with a popper, which I lost on my 2nd cast due to it snagging some rope in a clump of weed. I could not get it back for love nor money. And after 3-4 minutes the metal click gave way as the line still had the look intact.

Move onto my next lure, the SwinShad, I was casting about 50-60 meters across the bay in a fanned approch and getting to know the lures, as many were from first use. They all acted very well in the water. At about 2 ½ hours after high tide the plugs were running along the bottom. So I gave up and headed home.

Whilst this was not a proper session, being more of a recky, it was good to start trying some new areas out, ready for the better months of the year. I hope to line a few areas up and get out after work even if it is only for an hour, tides permitting.

Here are the lures that I used:
Here are a few photo’s of the area:
This is the main stone arm
 This is the area to the east of the arm
This is the area to the west of the arm
This is the small beach to the east of the arm and in front of the other eastern area
This is the bay from the public path
This shows the weedy margins at the edge of the bay
This shows the view straight out north from the small beach and also the weedy margin
I will get to trying the concrete area sometime soon as the water could be quite deep and worth a go.

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