Spinning near Chatham

I headed out to catch what I thought was a 5PM high ide. Turns out it wasa 7PM high. This gave me some time to have a recky around the area to let the water in. I headed around the bay at Motney hill towards the sewerage works. The water didn’t look too deep and it was very murky. There was another guy fishing who I caught up with later.

I headed around to near the sewerage point but decided to go check out another area also whilst I still had time. The point may be good with a weighted line and bait but possibly not for spinning and definately not for fly.

This shows the muddy channels that are around this area. You need to be careful as some of the paths are very thin. Do not slip in!!
This is the outlook to the bay with Motney hill over to the left.
This shows the point to fish from. You can cast into the deeper channel from there.

I headed to the other side of the outward lying area and the sewerage works. This had a sea wall which slopped down to the rocky/weedy ground before disappearing under the very murky waves. It was a very windy day which made casting tricky.

This is the sea wall
This shows the rocky/weedy areas at the base of the sea walls.

I had a few casts here and christened the area with a lost lure. I then headed to the area by the car park to go out on the arm again. I chatted to the fisherman who explained about getting peeler crabs if you get the tides right. I had a spin for a while and headed home expectedly with empty hands.

There are another few areas to try around here and they will be gotten to shortly.

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