Spinning in Herne Bay

I head out on Sunday, 25th April, for my first spinning session. I headed down to the beach in front of the Ship pub, parked up and set off towards the water. I started off with a slim jim spinner weighing 25g and was casting about 40-50 meters with that. I had no idea how deep the water was but it didn’t seem very deep.

I moved on to a 32g spinner and was casting about 70-80 meters, I also tried out a Frenzy plug that went about 50 meters.

I managed my first catch which you can just about make out below:

A 2.5cm shrimp, speared on the hook
Then came the next big catch:

Then after that I caught a clay rock. It was at that point it was apparent that the water was way to shallow. I did mange to spot these eggs on a breakwater, not sure what they are though:

Could be squid eggs or cuttle perhaps
Hopefully I will pick a better time next to go out spinning and catch then. It is going to be very useful having a spinning rid to help against those windy days when fly fishing isn’t possible.

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