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Querying Solarwinds for Device Added Dates

We had the need to create a report that showed us which Windows devices were added into Solarwinds within the last 7 days. With a little poking around and chatting to someone that knows SQL this is what we came up with: select n.caption as ‘Node Name’ , Min(datetime) as ‘Date Added’, n.vendor from responsetime […]

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XenApp 6.0 WMI Queries

I use these WMI queries within Solarwinds Monitoring APM applications applied to the relevant servers to report back the results. No doubt other monitoring tools allow WMI queries and so could be used with them as well. There are many possible queries to be written and the list will grow in this post, but these […]

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Solarwinds Job Sceduler not Running

I had an incident where the Job Scheduler would not run any scans new or old. The service kept crashing. Repairs would not fix it and eventually I found this: Source: Solarwinds Thwack URL: Click Here Error “The job scheduler database file is corrupt. The SWJobSchedulerSvc service has been shutdown until the database is fixed.” […]

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