XenApp 6.0 WMI Queries

I use these WMI queries within Solarwinds Monitoring APM applications applied to the relevant servers to report back the results. No doubt other monitoring tools allow WMI queries and so could be used with them as well. There are many possible queries to be written and the list will grow in this post, but these are what I would consider to be very useful.

I used WMI Browser to find the information to get the queries to work:

Get the Used License Count:
This query should be applied only to your license server to report back the number of licenses in use. If you have alerting in place then you can get an email or such like sent out then you get close to the limit of licenses in use compared to what licenses you have. This may save you a headache.

WMI Namespace: root\CitrixLicensing
WQL Query:  Select InUseCount From Citrix_GT_License_Pool
Return Value: Numeric

N.B. This works when there is a single XenApp license file is applied. I have not tested this when there are multiple files as I am not in a position to do that. But if it does work then please comment your findings to further improve this post and I will happily update it either way.

Get Server Load:
This is useful to report back the load on the server and also highlight any servers that are running very high loads. This would show any servers running at the full 10000 for fully loaded servers and also highlight the 20000 value you have when there is a licensing connection issue:

WMI Namespace: root\Citrix
WQL Query:  Select LoadLevel From MetaFrame_Server_LoadLevel
Return Value: Numeric

Hope this helps

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