Quick Session at Seasalter

I had a few ragworm left from the weekend and decided to pop to Seasalter with one purpose in mind. To catch a bass of any size.

I got there at about 19:30 and it was high tide and setup my spinning rod with a 2 hook flapper with ragworm on it and chucked it out. About 5 minutes later I saw a fish jump with in 10 feet of the shore. So I knew there was at least one about.  As I was only there for a short time I swapped out baits regularly and kept moving location on each cast.

After about 25 minutes I had a knock and then 2 knocks and then it went quiet. Then 5 minutes later it knocked again and again, and the I picked up the rod and struck lightly on the next knock and I was in…

Here is the little fella weighing about 3ozs:

I returned the catch which same away energetically and then carried on for about another hour with out a knock or sighting of another fish and so I packed up and headed home satisfied.

This means I have now hit 10 species for the year

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