First Session at Samphire Hoe

After chatting to JW in the week we were headed for Samphire Hoe. I have never been there before but had read the posts about massive tackle loss, rotten bottom etc etc.

JW arrived at mine around 12 and we drove to our destination, parked up and picked a spot to the left of the walk way when looking out to sea. The plan was to chuck out a baited line very close in and then try to catch any Mackerel that could be about. We had seen another group with a mack 50 yards to our right, so we knew they we around. Baited lines out we started feathering the sea. I was in quite quickly on the feathers and found that I had hooked my first ever Herring. Was a decent size too so that was despatched quickly and then back to fishing.

Next up was a mackerel, making this the first of the year for me. That was species number two of the day. And another addition to my tea selection.

After a short while JW had a big knock on his baited rod and pulled up this beauty, a Ballan Wrasse.

After that was released to the sea more mackerel came to the wall and into the bag. Then I had a knock on the baited rod and pulled up this Pout, making that new species for the year number 3.

JW pulled in his first ever Herring giving him species number 3 as well for the day (Herring on the right). The unofficial race was on for the next species.

More mack came in in 2,3,4 and 5’s making us both very happy. I then caught another totally new species to me making it number 4 for this session, a Pollock. It was too small so went back in for another day.

More mackerel carried on coming in and JW started float fishing again and was pulling out 4’s of Mackerel.

We wrapped up at about 18:30. We weighed the catch we had in the bags and I was .04lb over 9lb in weight and JW just under. Was a lovely day and I only lost 1 weight, 1 rig and JW lost a few more bits , but not to tragic all in all.

More pictures to come shortly

4 Responses to “First Session at Samphire Hoe”

  1. Am loving the fishing side of the blog, and the information about citrix,, Im guessing your local based on your fishing spots, Are you new to fishing? i find it hard to identify new fish, and have also never been to samphire, any advice in the area would be great

    • Thanks for the comments. I am using the blog as a place to record bits and bobs I can and do use at work as well as things I do out of work. I started fishing again after a 20 year break 2 years ago with fly for trout and pike and moved to sea fishing which is what I like most. I am local and often fish at Hythe but do get to other places too.

      I know most of the larger fish, especially those I have caught, but there are still plenty of species which look others with small differences, so its best to get a few pictures if you are returning the fish and then use the Internets best friend, Google, to find out what it is or get a small hand book of species.

      As for Samphire, look up rotten bottom rigs, use big nuts/bolts and week lines. The bottom is covered in rocks and you will lose tackle there, but with the rotten bottom rigs it will only be the nuts/bolts and not your rigs. At this point I know very little else due only one go there so far.

      So good luck when you go


  2. How did you set up the float fishing gear with the feathers? I was told not to do that by the guy in Channel Angling. Well done on the fish by the way.

    • Hi

      I just bought a large float set from a local tackle shop. Fixing the feathers below and putting the supplied weight at the bottom.

      As for selecting and getting the depth you want I use 4lb power gum. Here’s a URL for it:

      You tie this to the main line at what every depth you want it to be and then the knot is small enough to be wound onto the reel spool. Then when you cast the knot comes out off the reel and the bead above the float stops at the knot. This allows you to have a 20ft depth on a 9ft rod for example.

      Just keep an eye on the knot as it can move. I will post the knot name when I remember it.#

      Hope that helps

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