2011 Fishing Targets Round Up

In 2011 I set my self a starting target of 10 species from June til the end of December, with a sizeable bass as a secondary target. Here is what I managed:

I have a low target for this year, one which I think is do-able for me this year.
1. Whiting (boat) January
2. Dogfish (boat) January
3. Eel (beach) April
4. Ballan Wrasse (beach) April
5. Bass (beach) May
6. Flounder (Beach) May
7. Plaice (Harbour) August
8. Red Mullet (Harbour) August
9. Black Bream (Habour) August
10. Mackerel (Harbour) August
——- Target Completed ——
11. Dab (beach) November
12. Pout (RRD) November

I did not catch a bass big enough to eat but had many hours of fun trying for all sorts of species in 2 counties and a load of locations.

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