A long, but rewarding day

I headed out on Saturday AM to meet a WSF forum member to learn a bit about pumping lugworm. We met at about 7AM and proceeded out to the spot for the worms. During the time out there I managed about 70 worms which I was more than happy with, but nothing in comparison to the worm that he bought in.

Around midday we headed over to Hythe so I could get a few casting tips from him and do a spot of fishing with the fresh bait. I liked the look of the Brighton cast. I didn’t quite get it but I do now, just need the practice.

Hythe Beach

He popped one line out and about 15 minutes later pulled in a small Whitting. Then packed up and left me to it.

I stayed until about 6PM and managed to land my first beach Doggie. He was unhooked and a quick picture later, back in the water.

First Beach Dogfish caught in Hythe

All in all a good day with plenty of learning going on on my part.

And thanks to Steve for the tuition.

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