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The (酒) Sake Diaries – Part 1 – Japan Bound and Tokyo(東京)

March 29th 2012 (Friday) Having worked the early shift I finished work and met Natascha on the train on the way to Victoria with my rucksack. We bought dinner at Victoria. We decided for this trip that we would get a train to the airport and then a hotel near to the airport else we […]

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The (酒) Sake Diaries

During a recent trip to Japan, in April 2012, a diary was kept about our trip. A slightly edited diary is being written and split up by the areas we visited. Part 1 – Japan Bound and Tokyo – Click Here Part 2 – Hiroshima – Still being Written Part 3 – Oita and Beppu – Still being Written Part 4 – […]

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