Crisis Square Mile – London 2012

On Thursday 14th June the Crisis Square Mile event was held in London.  This is a run of just over 4 miles starting at Paternoster Square by St Pauls Cathedral and ending in a sprint over the Millennium Bridge.

The weather was over cast, with the odd drop of rain in the air, but it was not too warm, which was great. I did the event with a group from the IMS team at work, all with different speeds.

Jeremy Paxman sent us on our way waving a flag. People charged out of the square and we were on our way. There were around 2000 runners in the 20th year of the event. After the mad scramble to get going we all settled into our paces.

The course saw us run to the Millenium Bridge and turn right along the Thames, instead of crossing the bridge. Up to a a bridge, over and along to the London Eye, were we did a 180 degree turn and head back along the river to the same bridge we came across. Then back on along the river, under the Millenium bridge to the next bridge, across that and back over the Millenium bridge. I managed a sprint over the last 200 meters. I collected my goodies and then found some of the faster runners in the group whilst waiting for the rest to cross the line.

I managed place 473 with a time of 36:30. This was roughly what I was wanting but had no idea I would do it. I felt chuffed at completing the run.

This is this years article for the run:

Here is the charity website:

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