Windy Session at the POW Pier, Dover


I headed down to Dover to go on to the POW or opening time. I picked up some bait from Brazils and headed over to the pier. There was one other group of 3 waiting to drive on and they were headed for the cafe area for the shelter. The wind was around 20MPH+ with no where to hide. The shelters were useless as the wind blew straight into them. I decided to set my pitch as my usual place by the green box about 80 yards from the cafe.

I set up my 2 rods with rag on them and 2 and 3 hook flappers. Then I tried to cast… I can usually do 80-100 yards with out too much issue consistantly but I don’t think I managed more than 50 as the wind caught the line and dragged it back in. But as it turned out that didn’t matter too much. First cast from each rod had a dog on it with in 5 minutes.

During the day more dogs came in and a steady stream of Whiting. I was using mackerel, common lug, black lug, ragworm and squid and Whiting fillets with squid which caught probably the biggest dog fish. As a bit of fun I used some muppets I got when I subscribed to Total Sea magazine and tipped them with a small squid bit. I was getting massive knocks but nothing was connecting. Then eventually I caught this puppy.

Final score was 10 Dogfish, 8 edible size, but all returned and 18 whiting but only 1 edible size just. Was a very windy day but was nice to get out again.

Just have to plan the next trip now

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