Shoreham Harbour Arm 26/02/2012

I headed to Shoreham Harbour Arm today to see what other species I could catch. I met up with another KSF forum member for the session.

We started fishing at about 11 and it was a blue sky day with a light breeze, although it had an icy edge to it. Soo after we started the Shoreham dredger headed out into the harbour mouth to start dredging and that killed off any hope we had of catching. It was there for over 4 hours, the noise alone would have put off fish let alone the damage it was doing to the surface below.

We both managed a crab each during our time and decided to pack up at 4pm. I had pulled in and packed up my first rod and then started pulling in the 2nd, which felt a little heavier. I was careful with what I thought was a crab so I could win the day, but when I got the line in closer it turned out to be a fish, saving me from a blank and winning the day. It also turned out to be a new species for me, which takes me to 4 for 2012.

Here it is: A Long Spined Sea Scorpion or Bull Head

May be the next session will be more productive

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