File Refresh on Windows 7/2008

It was found after testing that files were not appearing automatically in saved locations on Windows 2008 servers. You were required to press F5 to refresh the view and then the files would appear.

From testing the following combination of keys was found to cause the issue, but was part of the recommended XenApp 6 tuning registry changes. This issue occurred in ICA and RDP sessions which ruled out its tie to XenApp as a product. It also only seemed to occur with file share locations, but was not an issue with local drives/folders (unless pointed at through a share).

By removing the following keys the issue was resolved:

Location: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
Key 1: NoRemoteChangeNotify
Key 2: NoRemoteRecursiveEvents

The change does not require a restart and at most will require you to restart the sessions explorer.exe.

Hope this helps

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