14-1 Saturday Session

I headed down to West Parade in Hythe, parked up and set up at about 4. Things didn’t start well as my first cast broke the 60lb leader due to squashing my crimp to hard. I managed to find my tackle behind me on the beach a little later, so that was good at least. Next cast I manage a lovely birds nest. Then 3rd time lucky I managed to send the bait out…

Nothing much was happening so I set up my spinning rod to use with a 3oz grip for a spot or ledgering. This was tipped with mackerel and on occasion went mental as something attacked the bait, but no hook up.

Meanwhile on the main rod about 7 o’clock I started to get bites. During the evening I pulled in 14 whiting, but nothing plateable, so all of those were sent back and a few had a rid the in the Gull Express flying past for a pick up.

On the spinning rod I had been trying different hook set ups, but still staying with ledgering. I tried with a single hook pointing out of the silvery skin side, a pennel set up and finally back to a single hook. This time thought the hook was buried inside the mackerel flesh. This caught me the doggy for the night.

I packed up at 10:30 and I literally could not see a thing and headed home.

This is currently my best session of fishing since i started beach fishing again.

Here is the catch

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