A windy day

I headed to Church Norton to have a crack around the harbour entrance but got there to see huge waves and no chance to fish. I decided to head for Hayling island to a place I normally fly fish for bass only to find that full of wind surfers, but who can blame them…

I headed to the car park by the hayling bridge and headed round to near the Billy tracks. I found a fairly sheltered area with the wind to my back. I set up and cast out.

I was getting bites through the afternoon, but no connections, so out came the spinning rod. I tried it with feathers and when that didn’t work I set up a simple 2 oz ledger with a 3 foot trace on it. I bated up and chucked that out and left the rod on the ground due to the wind and lite weight.

I carried on fishing having forgotten about the spinning rod. I finally wound it in to see this little chap on my 1/0 hook:

It was about 4″ in size and about 2 oz in weight.

That was it for the day as nothing else was coming in, but it’s another species for the list putting me at 1/2 way to my 10, but nowhere near my bass to eat size. I left about 2 hours before low tide on a very windy day.

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