Clearing Profiles on a Windows 2003 Server

There is a tool that can be downloaded free which when scripted will allow you to clear out old profiles form the server it is run on. I have only used this on Windows 2003 Servers so far.

The tool is called RemProf.exe.

The idea of the tool is to remove the profile and hive of any user with traces left after they have logged out. It will not touch any profile that is in use still so it can be run during work hours with users still logged in, preventing the need for a reboot.

Here is the code I use:
C:\remprof /A /EXCLUDE:Administrator
C:\remprof /D: /EXCLUDE:Administrator

This will basically remove all profiles other than that of the Administrator. But as service accounts have their profiles used already they also will not be deleted.

You will see the following screen when you run the commands from a batch file:

When this finished the screen just closes

N.B. This must be run as an Admin account

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