Beltinge Beach – Spinning Sucess

I headed down to Beltinge Beach again in front of the cliffs. This time I headed with Tony to give him his first fly session for bass. We arrived at the car park in a 25+ degree day before 12. We set up spinning and fly rods and headed along the beach. We got to the spot I had previously tried in another session. Having not seen the location at low tide it was great too see.

The cliffs go down to the normal pebbles on the beach. That then covers a rocky area with a sandy base. This is then split by a sandy open area. Then another row of rocks and so on. This means when the tide comes in the fish can work from row of rocks to rocks. Also at the base of the cliff there is a huge area of rocks and this, I am told, is great at high tide for mullet and bass.

We ended up wading in and the water was beautifully warm. I was was casting out about 80-100 meters with a Dexter’s wedge (silver) and hit into a fish. Pulling it in it was about 8 inches long and tugged in a crazy manner when it was coming in.

About 10-15 minutes later another hit my lure. This one was a bit bigger and went crazy when it was pulled to the surface.

Tony didn’t get anything this day, and said it was my fault… I explained I had taken him to a place with fish, what else could I do =P…

Better luck next time

No pictures this time

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