Pike Fly Fishing on the RMC

I finally managed to meet Tony, another PFFA member, after ages of schedules not working out. I met up with him at about 6:30 on Saturday 15th May. We then drove to a section of the RMC he had tried previously and caught 2 pike of 12lbs and 14lbs. After parking up and setting up we hopped over the gate and started working our way along the bank. after about 30 minutes I had three follows of the fly in the same spot. I decided after about 15 minutes to move on and come back later.

We headed even further along the bank until the point that it would be impossible to land a fish let-a-lone return it. We headed back to one of the bends in the canal and Tony started casting whilst I headed back to the area I had seen my pike. I was trying to remember exactly where it was as it looked pretty much the same everywhere.
Some minutes later I heard  Tony shout and he had one on. I pegged it up the bank to help out, not that it was needed. He had landed a 3.5lb jack.
Tony’s Jack
Releasing the prize

Not long after I located my spot and tried my original fly and saw no movement. I poped on a PikeTrek second and with in 5 casts the pike appeared again and took the fly down. I shout for tony who had the net and he pegged it across the field to me to help me land it.

I started to try and unhook it, but wasn’t confident enough so Tony was kind enough to do it for me.

Tony unhooking my Pike
This Pike was 3.5lbs also, but Tony insists his was bigger, not too sure about that though…
We headed back to the bridge and over the road to the other side of the bridge. We fished for a bit over here but saw no movement, but did  find catapillars on the nettles in the hundreds:
Hungry little fellas’s
We headed back to the car at about 11:30 and chatted to a couple of fishermen by the bridge about the area which was useful.
All in all a very very good mornign for me as I broke my bad run of blanks and also broke the no Pike run too. Cheers again Tony,
Here are the flies I used:
The mornings flies I used
Top Fly is a PikeTrek 2nd which I caught the pike on
Bottom fly is a self tied pattern which got the initial attention

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