New Vice – Apex Anvil

I have now bought an Apex Anvil Vice and I have to say WOW, I get on with this one so much more than the previous one which was a snowbee one.

                        Apex Anvil                                                                                      Snowbee
I found with the Snowbee one I couldn’t get the head to stay still whilst trying to tie. Also I could not get the hooks to stay still in the jaws.
Now, as for the Anvil, ITS GREAT…
There are grooves in the jaws that you can place the hook into, one for small hooks nearer the opening and larger at the back. Once the hook is in a wheel it turned to tighten the jaws and then the lever at the back is pushed down to totally secure the hook in place. Nice and easy.
It comes with a G clamp to secure the base to a surface or the main part of the vice can be removed from the base and put directly in the clamp so that the base is no longer needed.
I am a happy tyer with this and my tying has improved big time with this keep the hook where it should be.

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