Prepping for the PFFA Members Outing

On the 20th and 21st March 2010 the PFFA has a members outting to Chew Vally Lake for 2 days of Pike fishing from boats. This is my 2nd time in a boat and the first potentially with a boat partner.

The hotel I have booked is which is close to the lake. I get there Friday night and get some rest before the days of fun. It will be good to meet some of the PFFA members and put faces to names.I think I am pretty ready.

The mission on this weekend is to learn as much as possible and also obviously catch a Pike. I have the cigars at the  ready to celebrate.

Gear list:

  1. 2 rods
  2. 2 reels with 4 spools
  3. Sinking Line (6″-7″ ips)
  4. Floating Line
  5. Intermediate Line (1.5″-2″ ips)
  6. Currently around 40 flies
  7. Disgorgers (6″ and 10″)
  8. 80lb shockleader (for tracer)
  9. Proleader 26lb (for tracer)
  10. Extra loops for the end of the fly line in case of breaks
  11. Pliers
  12. Scissors
  13. Priest Not needed
  14. Fishing License
  15. Polarised Glasses
  16. Landing Net
  17. Unhooking mat
  18. 25lb mono (for leaders)

Here is the map of the lake:

3 Responses to “Prepping for the PFFA Members Outing”

  1. >chris you most definatly wont be needing the priest mate

  2. >Oh yeah, force of habit for trouting. I shall leave that at home – DOH

  3. >You might need a bit of help from The Almighty (Dave Lindsay) so I'd take the local Priest with you. LOLErnie

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