Another Blank…

Was intending to pop out to the Chichester Canal Basin this morning at first light but the wind was too high to be safe down there, so back to bed. I headed out this afternoon though, wind had died a little and it was lovely out, albeit cold.

There were three aims to the session:
1) to catch something, anything
2) test out casting the new Orvis Depth Charge 300 line, which cast beautifully
3) to test out the new flies I tied. The ones I tied all looked great in the water and moved very well. I had used a strip of copper wire tied to the hook under the materials. They sank really well. (images at the bottom of the post)

Anyway, I fished a miles section of the canal and the waters were very murky from all the rain we have had. I had several pulls which sent the old heart racing, but that turned out to be under water debre from the January snows. Well that was the total excitement for the day.

I dod chat to another fishman and he explained where he had seen the pike before so I headed for those areas, but still no joy.

Here are the flies used today:

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