2009 in a Nutshell

I started Fly Fishing after 16 years of not fishing at all. I have been out many times in the last 6 months of 2009. I have met people off the Sea forums and had forum meets at varying locations. All in all I am hooked (no pun intended) and look for every opportunity to get out and about.

At some points in the summer lighter days I would be out 6 times a week around hayling Island.

Sea Species Caught:
Bass – Largest about 32cm long – Hayling Island
Shad – About 30cm long – Hayling Island
Total Fish Caught: Approx 25

Game Species Caught:
Rainbow Trout – Largest 4 1/4lb – Meon Springs
Brown Trout – Largest 2 1/2lbs – Chalk Springs Arundel
Total Fish Caught: 16

Freshwater Species Caught: N/A

I have had a lot of fun and learned a lot, may my catch rate increase in 2010…

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